Vamos! Actors Berlin - the actors agency.

© Carmen Jasmyn Hoffmann
Lilly Adirim-Kufner, Nicola Demmin-Siegel, Timea Csontos

Vamos! Actors was set up in March 2009. The founder of the company, Nicola Demmin-Siegel, is an experienced agent
and casting director and can provide other casting agents, producers and film directors with the right actor or extra for TV
and film projects. Between 1989 and 2003, the journalist and video producer, with the help of her 3D team in Berlin,
put together various national and international documentaries and publicity films.

Since 2003, Nicola Demmin-Siegel has been working at her company SMB as a mediator for successful actors and actresses
for a variety of international publicity projects. Backed by extensive experience and knowledge Vamos! Actors offers
a wider range of mediation possibilities for professionals and young actors as well as for the TV and international film sectors.

Booking and Vice President:
Timea Csontos was born in Hungary, is also a journalist and has been part of the team since the beginning.

Booking and management:
Lilly Adirim-Kufner
has worked as a production coordinator for television and is very familiar in many areas of the filmbusiness.